Fitting Instructions
Fitting Instructions
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Fitting Instructions


The following instructions are for information only and are not meant to be used as fitting guide by non professionals .

It is strongly recommended that this brake conversion kit is fitted by a professional fitting centre, possibly with some proven experience of TAROX brake conversion kits. Brakes are a critical piece of safety equipment for any vehicle and any mistake in fitting them may result in critical damages, injuries and death for which TAROX cannot take any responsibility.


Ensure the new disc corresponds to the vehicle on which it is being fitted.
Always replace discs in axle sets – failure to do so can result in dangerous, uneven braking.
Carefully clean the braking surface of the discs prior to installation, any grease could contaminate the brake pad.

The hub of the vehicle should be cleaned and any traces of brake dust build up, dirt or rust removed before mounting the new discs – failure to do so can result in excessive disc run out and lead to vibration.
When assembled check the run out of the disc, if run-out is excessive, remove the disc, reclean the hub and reassemble – if this stage of fitting is not carried out correctly